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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quiet time...

Since I'm still under the weather, today is going to be a lot like yesterday.  Quiet--except for me coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose.  Beyond that, I just have to give time, time, and wait to get back on my feet.  That said, I noticed last night my taster is gone.  Homemade pesto on a panini for dinner and I couldn't taste it for squat.  Crispy, crunchy and zero flavor but you know I still ate it.

I'm thrilled with the new Pope and his humble back story.  He sounds like the perfect choice and I read somewhere that when he was in the #2 position behind Cardinal Ratzinger on the last Pope go round, he withdrew his name and allowed Ratzinger to become Pope.  Whoa. 

Yes, Pope Francis might be more conservative than I might like but then he's the Pope.  I'm content to watch and wait, and so far, I feel a real love connection with him.  I adore his humble wooden cross, and I like a big Pope--someone who looks and feels like a father figure.  No, I'm not Roman Catholic but I can appreciate aspects of  that religion that are comforting and spiritual. I think we got a keeper this time.


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