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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday thoughts

As usual, I woke up with the "busy brain" wondering all kinds of things.  First, I want to talk about the Pope, or the Un-Pope if you will.  What is he doing?  I'm thinking at 85, I'd be resting, asleep in a comfy bed in Castel Gondolfo.  Does he watch TV at all or just read?  Is he computer savvy?  And what about the people who take care of him?  Once you've been a Pope and stepped down, do you still have all that staff or just one or two people...maybe a cook / cleaner person and an assistant.  Does anyone come in to debrief you, hear your confession, or do you take all your Pope secrets with you to the grave?  Can you write your memoirs or is that forbidden by the church?  Since this is all new turf, maybe the next Pope decides.

I know he can no longer wear his Prada made red shoes (which would be the bitterest pill for me since I love Italian shoes) but don't you think perhaps Prada will gift him shoes for the rest of his life or would that be considered too vain or lacking in humility for him to accept?  Remember when Pope John Paul went hiking near Allenspark, Colorado, and wore the white sneakers with the gold papal laces ?  He rocked.  I loved him and thought he was the perfect Pope.  This last one just didn't do it for me. 

Now, if you missed it, Downton Abbey is going to have some new faces this next season and while it will be interesting, with O'Brien leaving the cast, might Thomas turn over a new leaf and become kind after all?  Nah...that wouldn't be much fun.  Maybe he'll find a lover in the staff and you know that'll get messy.  Carson will have a stroke and Mrs. Hughes will have to calm him down.  Lots of new faces will be added to the cast and Shirley Maclaine will return for more verbal sword fights with the Dowager, so get your tea tray ready.

I've decided to simply glance at the Internet vs really paying much attention to what all is going on in the world.  This is one screwed up planet but I have faith that things will improve.  It may have to get lots worse before people stop fighting each other and try to put their differences aside but then that's nothing new.  Lots of EGO= LOTS of PROBLEMS, and many of these folks need to grown up and get a real life, IMO. 

Lastly, if you missed Gordon Keith's (The Ticket) article in the DMN on religion in yesterday's paper, go dig it out and read it.  Fred will never believe I recommended anything from a Ticket show person but this one was right on the money and funny. Enjoy!

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