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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter lunch lowdown

Lunch is over and for lack of anything relevant to cuss and discuss, I'll rate what we had.  By far, the lamb was all of our favorite, including Sis.  The potatoes were good but not like pictured (newspaper) possibly due to the fact that I used fat free half and half instead of the leaded version.  Mine looked like they were wearing parachutes at one point while cooking.  I know...weird... but it's what it looked like to me.  They tasted good but I've had better, so maybe not repeater for us.  The green beans were forgettable never mind their fancy name.  We will definitely not be seeing the likes of them again.  Just not my thing at all.  The Sister Schubert rolls never disappoint unless you over cook them and today's were great.

Now, on to dessert.  I solemnly swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so here goes.  I thought the Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Shortcake cake was good, but not a mind blowing event.  I followed the recipe and I think the deal is, it's got too much sugar in it for me.  I know...that's heresy...but welcome to the fact that she lives in Oklahoma out in the sticks on a ranch and maybe they like a dessert to give you type two diabetes, but me??  Not so much.  If you had a cup of java with it, that would help but if I ever make it again (doubtful), I'll cut down the sugar.  But I may have to go have another piece later on to be sure. 

We called Benji to wish he and Andrea Happy Easter only to find that Andrea was at work and hoping to be off around now.  Boo hiss.  Working on holidays sucks.  Brian was here and joined us so I felt doubly bad for Banjo....  I've packed Brian a To Go box to take home (minus the groady green beans) but with everything else, including cake. 

Now, I think it's book and nap time.  Happy Easter!           
This isn't Sis but it sure looks like her.

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