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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random thoughts

If I'm one of the Cardinals here's what I'm taking into the Conclave with me: a Snickers bar for the afternoon, my phone (and charger) so I could read my book when things got dull, a spiral notebook so I could journal, cuticle oil and hand cream so I could keep my nails nice, needlepoint to keep me busy while I listened, knee socks if it was drafty, a blanket and a pillow in case the chairs are hard, and a bunch of take out menu's of nearby places that deliver so I could get fresh hot coffee, just in case.  Beyond that, I could easily hang until dinner time.

Last night while I couldn't sleep, I wondered what odds all the bookies are giving different Cardinals in Las Vegas.  Since people will bet on just about anything, I wondered which Cardinal has the best odds, who is the long shot, the odds on how many puffs of smoke it will take, how many days, etc.

Has a Cardinal ever been voted Pope and turned down the job?  You know somebody has.  That sure wouldn't be a job I'd want.  Maybe you can play the poor health card but I doubt it.  Every groups got a blabber mouth and this bunch is bound to have several.

On another topic, can anyone reasonably explain to me how Sis knows it's exactly 4:30 PM whether it's Daylight Savings time or not because she does?  When we micro-chipped her as a puppy in case she ever got lost, did that chip have "other features" we weren't aware of?  Or do animals just have that natural ability?

I just asked my Eight Ball and it said "Cannot predict now".  Wonder if  thought I meant the new Pope? :))

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