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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Sis, her dad, and I have just returned from a Vet visit.  Since she's had a drippy nose and been shaking her head and flapping her ears, I wanted to be sure she didn't have an ear infection.  She loves to act like she can't hear you and after a little ear wash, she can sure hear me now.  Welcome to having a dachshund.  They love to pretend they can't hear you or don't have not the slightest clue what it is you want them to do, because they simply don't want to do it.  They are the poster dogs for selective hearing.  We also got her some antihistamines for the drippy nose and chest itchiness those low slung girls get from rubbing their undercarriage in the grass.

On another note, I have called my egg connection and left a message to see if I can pick some up today, for Easter cooking.  On the menu is roast leg of lamb, potato gratin, green bean with lemon, garlic, and parmigiano gremolata, hot rolls, tea, and Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  I can do the cake part ahead so that's why I'm wanting the fresh organic chicken eggs.  I want the cake to be light and fluffy as only fresh eggs can do, so even tomorrow will work for an egg pick up.  All of the recipes for the items above-- except for the cake-- were in Wednesdays newspaper and I decided it would be fun to try them.  The cake is from The Pioneer Woman's second cookbook so even if the entree' tanks, the dessert will still be killer.  Life's all about dessert anyway, isn't it??  You know it is.

As for my Ben Franklin aka Hudson Groth post yesterday, his mom told me after I'd posted it that Hudson also had been wearing Ben Franklin eyeglasses, as part of his ensemble.  Unfortunately, the picture taker missed that part, as Hud had jettisoned them by picture time.  I can only imagine what he must have looked like in them.  Yikes.

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