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Monday, March 25, 2013

Roast leg of lamb

The Today Show must be seriously hurting.  The fact that they would waste valuable air time to interview Jerry Sandusky makes me nauseous.  Didn't watch and have no plans to read about it either.  Baaarf.  Not interested, Today Show, and shame on you for even thinking anyone would want to hear what that kid toucher (Brian's term) has to say.  He's nuts.  The End.

I finished Calling Me Home yesterday afternoon and had an emotional hangover when I was done.  That book packed a serious wallop at the end and just so you know, I'm issuing a mascara alert if you choose to read it.  I loved it--just know it's a weeper in the love department.  It starts off slow so just hang in there until the gears catch for you.  They will.

I'm on to the next one and it's Still Points North-- the story of a little girl whose parents divorce and as a result she has to split her time between summers in Alaska and the rest of the year with her mom in Baltimore.  So far, neither place is exactly what I'd call a stable environment for a little kid--any kid--so we'll see if things improve for her.  My gut says not so much.

My Sunday post did not load on FB for some reason.  Not sure why but you can find it at should you ever want to go that direction instead of FB.  You already know how big a fan I am of FB.  NOT.

Today is busy and includes a visit to mom, a run to Kuby's for leg of lamb, and other Easter lunch prep.  Around our house Easter is just not Easter with out roast leg of lamb.  No matter what ideas I throw out, the chief always wants lamb.  This year I tried selling crab cakes and was shot down, again.  OK, fine.  Lamb it is.  Secretly, I love lamb too so it's not that big of a deal however sometimes change is good--I guess just not for EASTER.

Happy Easter week to all and go grab some fresh coffee.  Remember, it's Monday.

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