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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday in da' hood

While I wait for my butter, eggs, and sour cream to come to room temperature I thought I might squeeze in a quick post.  Luckily, tomorrow's dessert can be made 24 hours in advance or I can assure you I wouldn't be making it.  Hey....a girl can only do some much.

Sis is behind me in the chair with her head on the arm rest pretending to be monitoring the front yard, but I keep seeing her eyes shut and then pop back open.  Yesterday when she was doing this exact same thing, I was startled to hear a throaty growl coming from behind me.  Sis is simply not a growler so this was new territory for me.  Turns out it was the big dog that lives down the block that scares her because it's so big, so no wonder.  I'd growl, too.

I tried the fresh chicken eggs a little while ago--I made myself an Anaheim Scrambler (Corner Bakery) minus the bacon and while they were good, their yolks were not the orangey color I'd expected.  The yolks were about the same color as grocery store eggs so it could be food related--what they're fed.  I'll have to ask Keely "Chicken Lady"--she'll know.

I heard Claire outside before lunch and went over to see what was shakin'.  She, baby John, and their dad were outside playing while her mom did some errands.  Claire is learning new words at warp speed --typical female--and sometimes I get what's she's saying and sometimes I just act like I do.  Her dad John said he does the same thing.  I about lost it when she came running to me with her arms outstretched for me to pick her up.  Oh, have no idea what you've just done.  I am now your personal slave.  Name it and it shall be yours.

Here are the Smalls at their Egg Hunt.  Adorable!!   I think Hudson's hands are up his sleeve!

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