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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012--so far, so good

Spoiler alert:  I just saw the clip from the Today Show for season 2 of Downton Abbey and despite what People magazine has to say about it, I know I'm going to love it, so mark your calendars for next Sunday night at 8 PM, on PBS.  Never mind it will be on at the same time as The Good Wife.  I'll be watching DA.

That said, here is an update on mom.  It seems it's time to have her sleep in an hospital bed since she keeps rolling out of hers.  The nice thing is, this is the kind that can be lowered to within six inches of the floor, so if she rolls out, it's not like she's going far.  Policy and procedures manuals require the use of only half bed rails, so she won't be trapped in bed the way people used to be.  If we keep her in her current bed, one of these days she's liable to roll out and break something--namely a hip--and that might be the end of the trail for her.  Better safe than sorry.  We'll get the switch out handled this week.  I'd like to see if we can get one of those neat water bed mattresses so we can cut down on the possibility of pressure sores.  As much as she sits these day, that's going to be an uphill battle.  To prevent further skin tears, mom will be sporting  Geri Sleeves ...these protect the tender thin skin on the arms and elbows of the elderly.  I learn something new every day.   She's still rockin' the little soft furry boots I got her, so between the Geri Sleeves and her boots, that's going to be some look.

When I went by the other day, I found a bag with some other ladies jackets in mom's closet.  As hard as the staff works to keep resident "roaming" to a minimum, sometimes it just happens.  Not sure if this was a laundry error or what, but I did have to laugh.  When people don't have a clue where there room is or what they are doing, things are bound to travel.  Mom's TV remote took off for a few days but it turned up in someone else's room.  When Bruce and I ran by the other might to check in on mom, she was down the hall watching TV with the group.  One lady took an immediate shine to Bruce and wanted to shake his hand.  She fairly beamed at him, and there's no tellin' who in this world world she thought he was, but he clearly made her day.  I may have to drag him back more often now that he's got an admirer.

According to the news, the new SPCA facility opens tomorrow and I'm dying to go down and see this new space.  Lord knows they've needed it for ages and from the one picture below, it looks lovely.  No, I won't be dog shopping, but there's no law that says I can't go in and love on a few furry friends.  I may have to go see both the dog and the kitty side.

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