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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It would appear I am not the only one obsessed with chickens at the moment.  One of my favorite blogs, Velvet and Linen, featured these pictures over the weekend and I just had to pass these on.  The first is Martha Stewart's coop:  Isn't that just Martha to a tee?  

Next is my personal favorite and I can picture it, and me, in my little village in England.  I would wear those old lady flowered sack dresses ('cause I'd be real fat), make scones and tea cakes with all the fresh eggs, and snip roses for my quaint little cottage.  Dreamy, isn't it?

This one is kind of fun, you have to admit.

Lastly, when I saw this one on Velvet and Linen, I had to swipe it to share.  Twins.

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