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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ahhh, c'mon....

Sticky, sticky, sticky.  I just read in the paper where the Highland Park Town Council has upheld a ban on having chickens in your backyard.  Not roosters, now--chickens.  This is despite the fact that neighbors of the woman requesting to over turn the ban, were in full support of her having the chickens.  The reason for upholding the ban?  The head of the Council claimed "several people" had said they didn't move to the Park Cities to live next door to chickens.  Translation: he doesn't want anybody next door to him having chickens. We're not talking a horse or a cow here--just little birds--that lay eggs. ( And if you are nice, just might wind up in your skillet some morning as a thank you.)  If you've never cooked with or eaten fresh chicken eggs, you have not lived. 

My thoughts are why not write up some guidelines and give it a six month trial.  No, we are not out in the sticks but that's just it.  Lots of people don't have access to farmland or a place to raise chickens so why not give it a shot.  After six months, if it's deemed a problem by neighbors, then give it the hook.  The lady requesting the over turn of the ban plans to wait until this particular Council's term is up, and then request again.  I'm with you, lady.  This bunch sounds old and constipated. Welcome to The Bubble.

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