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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a Monday

 Yesterday was one whale of a day.  I found out that one of my friend's daughter's got a liver, and was in the process of transplantation around 5pm yesterday.  The donor's family and the recipient's family had a friend in common, (6 degrees of separation?) who mentioned to the donor family the desperate need of a liver for a family she knew, and the rest is history.  The details of the story will just blow your skirt up. 

The recipient's family had a family wedding last Saturday night in which the ailing girl was barely able to participate as one of her sister's bridemaid's, but she made it.  Great wedding, wonderful large family with everyone all in town for the big celebration.  The bride's mom was to have left late Sunday afternoon with friends, for a beach get-away out of the country, to rest and relax after the big wedding ta do.  The phone rang Sunday morning as everyone was having coffee and debriefing the wedding.  It was Baylor and they needed the ailing daughter ASAP.  Remember, now, all the family is still in town, and the mother has NOT left yet.  The daughter is admitted to Baylor, tests are run, the liver is a match, and the transplant took place yesterday. 

I'm giving you the abbreviated version but you get the gist.  A family member had been prepared, prior to the transplant, to give half of his liver to the girl if a liver did not appear in time.  That can be a really risky endeavor and don't you know he's breathing a huge sigh of relief?  Word yesterday afternoon was that the liver was in, working perfectly, and they were running a few last checks before closing up. I haven't heard an update this morning, but I am praying all is well. 

Stories like that just (and I've left out a lot of the details) just reassure me that there are no coincidences.  Things are always going to be OK one way or the other.  If I don't like the way something turns out, it's simply because I don't know the full story or the reason why that particular ending was necessary.  If I do like the ending, great.  Either way, I can still be grateful.

Lastly, I went over last night to see my ex-SIL's new place and to visit.  It is perfect for her as she starts her new life as a single woman.  Even though I don't like the outcome of her situation, I am still grateful she is in my life, and I can be loving and supportive as she starts her new journey.  And Jack dog....omg....he had my number within the first three seconds of us reconnecting.  It was so lovely it was awwwwful...we played, we loved, he licked, he kissed, he pestered, I asked if I could please give him a bite of cheese off the plate, and was told "NO...he's working you!".  Like I cared.

All in all, it's always reassuring to me know that life just works out the way it's supposed to.  Period.

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