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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you my mother??

I'm thinking there's a hawk close by since all of the birds are squawking like crazy out front.  Especially the crows.  When they start up you know something is going on.  In the past, it's been Fred standing outside with a pellet gun.  I think his talley on crows is still around one.  They are anything but dumb and warn each other that Jethro Bodine is out front or in the back when they see him coming.  The doves don't seem to be that smart.

A big congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the brith of their baby girl last night.  Don't you know that's gonna be one spoiled little somebody??  Jay-Z is going to be hilarious with two women keeping him busy.  I bet that baby's feet don't even touch the ground for at least a year, if then.

And speaking of spoiled baby girls, mine is not feeling good...or at least that's how it seems.  She's been acting droopy for several days so now it's her turn to head to the Vet.  OK...I don't go to a Vet but whatever.  She's in her bed and just doesn't seem like she wants to ever get out of it.  Frankly, I can relate but I just want to be sure she's OK.  She's just not the droopy sort.

And now for the mom drama.  My sister went by to see her yesterday and called to tell me mom was all tarted up again with a boat load of black eye make-up.  Before, for the Holiday dinner, they put a little make up on her so she'd look nice.  This time?  No reason-- and it was over-kill deluxe.

  I don't know who the aspiring make up artist is over there, but let's just say he/she needs to stop.  This is not the career path for them.  By the time I got over to see her yesterday, mom had rubbed her eyes a few times and was all raccoony so I came back later with eye make up remover.  She was sitting with the group watching the football game when I got back, so I just squirted some remover on a cotton ball I'd brought.  Immediately one of the group ladies says "What are you dooooing?"  This is the same lady who asks me who I am, every time I'm there.  I told her "I'm taking off this war paint" and she watched intently.  (That entire cotton ball was covered in black eye make up.)  Then I got ready to do the other eye.  Right on cue the same lady asks "What are you dooooing?" again.  By now I am laughing and so is mom.  We weren't laughing about the same thing-- but we were still laughing.

  Post removal, mom's caregiver for the day, also named Paula, showed me where mom's make up case was.  It was hidden under two pillows at the foot of her new bed.  Whaaaaat?  We were laughing our heads off as we dumped out almost every thing.  For sure anything black-- old eye pencils, ancient mascaras, and elderly eye shadows-- and a few blushes.  Grrrrross.  I even found an old pocket knife.  Again, whaaat?  I left mom some lipsticks and a little foundation and I swanny, if I get over there again, and she's all made up, heads are gonna roll.  I doubt it will happen again since I asked Charlotte (the charge nurse) to pass on what had happened in report, but honestly, it was kind of funny.  My mom with black eyebrows is something to see.

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