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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look who's in town

Tick...tick...tick.  No puppy news to report.  As a refresher for anyone just tuning in, I'm waiting to hear from a breeder if this litter may have a blue and tan male smooth haired man-child who might want to come live with us, and pester Sis for the rest of her days.  No word yet, so I'm thinking momma dog may not have delivered yet but I believe she's due right around now.  It's not a for sure thing but I have to admit, it is fun thinking about a small blue smurf ultimately running around Casa Harris.  We'll see.  "Mr. No" (aka Mr. Mertz & Fred) may tweeze and pull the plug on the whole idea.  You just never know around here.  But I have come up with a name for him.  Fletcher.  Fletch for short.  Fletcher and Fred....and since Fred's middle name is Felix, maybe his full name could be Fletcher "Fred" Felix Harris.  (If I name him after Fred, there's no way he can say no.  Heh, heh. :)  Meanwhile, my niece's clone of Wigman, Baby Jack, is in town so I'm going over Monday night to play with him.  I'm gonna get me some man-dog one way or another.  He's delish, isn't he??

I am grateful to report this morning that for the moment, the bulldozing and jack hammering somewhere close by has stopped.  We are on Day 2 and I'm about to lose it.  My little slice of Afghanistan.  I think it's back behind us somewhere but it's still really loud, so heaven help the people right next door.  If I lived next door, by now I'd be standing in the front yard, armed to the teeth, wearing those orange head phones like the guys at the airport, with a SWAT team on the way over.  I don't know what it is about getting older, but loud noises drive me right up a wall.  They grate on me like nothing else.  And as we all age, let's face it, louder becomes better-- but not in all cases.

Mr. No says he and his sidekick had a Bun sighting over the weekend.  Bun, the rabbit, was back on the corner of his block, all stretched out in the bushes until Sis spotted him/her.  Luckily, Sis was still on her leash and not practicing her dad's "voice commands" or no telling where either Sis or Bun might have ended up.  And Sis's yelping??  It would have been ear splitting...deafening...a shoot that dog moment.  And it would have been our dog.  Ahhh...shoot it anyway.

This afternoon I'm having two of my favorite gal pals over for coffee and a good gabfest.  We'll delve in to latest best read and loved books, updated scoopage on other interesting subjects du jour, and I know I'll end up feeling like I always do: that we just need to do this more often.  Can't wait.  Just have to stick the cookies in the oven since what point is there to coffee, if you don't have a little naughtiness to go with it?  We're Southern gals after all.  It's the law. 

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