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Monday, January 23, 2012

Frittata update

Whoa.  Well worth the effort and decidedly yummy.  I used a smoked Gruyere cheese that made the whole deal.  I will say there is a lot more finesse involved in the pan flip than they tell you.  It's not that the flipping part is hard--it's knowing exactly when to flip that takes a little experience.  It said "to flip when the top appeared to have set, all the way across". ya think you could give me a time range on that perhaps?  Like is that closer to 5 minutes or 15??  Then it said "flipping too early is to be avoided at all cost".  Wanna guess who flipped too early?  You can't tell me that and then expect that it won't happen to me, 'cause it will.  And it did.  And then I flipped it back...a couple of times.  And then I got sick and damn tired of waiting, so I flipped it out onto a plate, and since it was still a little jiggly, I nuked it, carefully.  Lord love me, it was the best damn thing ever!

Fred had two humongous pie shaped pieces and I had one, and then later he had more.  Think of the consistency of quiche, minus the crust, and that's how it was on your tongue...soft,creamy, flavorful, with a hint of green onion and ham, a smoky taste, and blanched spinach inside.  It was so good, I had the rest for lunch with a fruit salad.  But, I will need to work on the flipping's just always somethin'.

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