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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How's your now?

Yesterday was such a lovely day.  Peace and quiet and a double pot of White Chicken Chili bubbling in the kitchen.  Jalapeno's and green chilies, onions and garlic just make for a great afternoon's work.  I also got to try out one of my Christmas presents from Fred.  I had asked for an Immersion blender but got oh, so much more.  The mini chopper that came with mine is so fast and easy, I'm finished chopping by the time I could have pulled out my big food processor. I haven't tried the whisk yet or any of the rest of the blades.  I'm proceeding with caution.  So many toys, so little time.  Ha.

I also had a chance to call a friend who is in the hospital, and recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  While I absolutely hate that for her, she was just as hilarious as always, even after having had a stroke on Thursday.  While in the hospital, she told me that she had asked about needing her blood pressure meds as her blood pressure crept up, and was told she was OK.  Clearly not.  If you are EVER in the hospital and have an inkling there's a problem, raise hell until you get an answer that seems reasonable to you.  Pay attention to your gut.  She said she was brushing her teeth, and realized the left side of her face wasn't moving. So, she walked down to the Nurses Station and said "I think I've had a stroke" and suddenly all hell broke loose.  Well, yeah.  I bet it did.  I'm not sure if White Chicken Chili fixes strokes, but I think it may.  I'll have to google that.  :)

After talking with my friend, it made me realize just how important living in the "now", and appreciating it, really is.  Now, this minute, is all we really have.  How's your now?

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