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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food Truck contest

I did it.  I pulled the trigger.  I decided I want to enter that contest on TV where you if you win, the food truck of your choice (I think I have that right) comes to your office, block, or where ever, and feeds up to 50 people.  OK...I think it's that many, so don't go all "details" on me.  I've only seen the commersh once.  Anywho, I think it would make a great mini block party, especially if you could get them to come on a Saturday when most people are home.  Even if it's a M-F type deal, I still want to win and I'll invite any readers /lurkers /followers, that want to come.  Shooot...I'll even invite any yardmen who might be working nearby.  And if it's chilly, I'll get the fire pit roaring in my front yard.  I'm lovin' that idea.  Now I just have to win.  And decide which truck.  Oh, yeah....I have to find out how to enter, too.  Details, details.

(I found the entry form online at WFAA.  Go ahead and enter.  You know you want to....)

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