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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bucket List suggestions

I have two Bucket List suggestions and if you've never been to either of these places, by all means go.  I am referring to Hattie's over in Oak Cliff in the Bishop Arts District and John's Cafe over on lower Greenville.  We went to Hattie's last night for Bruce's birthday dinner and once again it did not disappoint.  I only wish Hattie's had a small private dining room so it could be used for rehearsal dinners, birthdays, and other celebrations but, alas, it does not.  But even that's OK with me.  The food is always spectacular and consistent, which is saying a lot in a restaurant these days.  Yes, its a short drive over the Trinity but so's fun to see the changing Dallas skyline.  It's worth the drive and Oak Cliff is such a blast.

  For his appetizer, Bruce had the cup of tomato soup and mini grilled cheese sandwich, which came sitting on the lip of his soup.  It was about the size of a silver dollar and packed a punch, dipped in the soup.  Great presentation and the soup was mind-blowingly delish.  No basil, but instead a smoky taste of that bacon was enough to make me almost levitate out of my seat.  I passed on an appetizer as I was having the shrimp and grits, and I'm glad I did.  But that soup sure would be great tonight.

Since we had not been over to "the Cliff" in awhile, it was fun to see all the new eating establishments that have sprung up since our last visit.  I also love the artsy nature of the area.  After dinner we did our usual stroll.  We passed one place that was closed but a little Boston bull dog came to the door.  For a second we were afraid she was all alone inside until we saw the reflective glow of a TV upstairs, above the store, where her owner lived.  As quick as she checked us out, she turned and headed off to the back, and probably back upstairs to watch TV.  I guess we were waaaay to dull for her.

Then this morning, off we went to John's.  There is just no better way to start a Sunday morning than over there.  The food, the mixed bag of people, and John's family, make the cruise down Greenville well worth the trip.  I usually vacillate between the breakfast special --eggs, bacon, sausage, or ham, hash-browns, and biscuits or toast vs a short stack of the world's best pancakes, with a side of bacon.  Coffee and a big old glass of ice water are always part of my order as well.  I've also had the Greek omelette and while big, it does not disappoint.  It may kill you but it will not disappoint you.

  On any given morning, you'll see Policemen, shaggy all nighters, families with little people, old people, Tats, piercings, you name it, and I love seeing all the people at the big long open tables, eating side by side.  Most end up chatting, sharing their newspapers, and pouring coffee for each other.  If you want a booth, there are lots of them--you just can't snag one until you've place your order.  It's the law, and everybody knows it.  If you are new, there's even a sign to keep you from embarrassing yourself. 

Ohhhhh, lawsie...a bright sun shiny day and a full stomach after a great breakfast.  How good does it get???

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