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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Uh, ohhh....

I know it's not wise to discuss politics and religion, especially at the same time, but you know me, I'll give anything a shot once.  What I have my knickers in a knot over is the recently passed Abortion issue.  It's  bad enough to me that we are even having this conversation at all.  As a Pro-Choice Nurse and Woman, I am already nauseous that women are even having to do anything other than sign a consent form in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.  But to be forced to watch a sonogram prior to termination, is over the top, cruel and unusual. If that's the case, why don't we force/require new parents to watch their baby boys be circumcised.  Hey, we still even have that choice-- to have our sons circumcised--even though we are not asking the baby how he feels about this idea.  We just assume we know best and make the decision for him. But a woman can't even terminate her own unwanted pregnancy, in her own body.  We again assume we know what's best for her.  She's an adult and can speak for HERSELF, and if she's not an adult, we can still ask her what she'd like to do, after giving her the options. Gently. 

And if that's not enough, let's go one step further.  Let's take the victim of a rape or incest.  I'm thinking either of these women have been traumatized enough, but no, we've all decided that we know what is in the best interest of someone else and their body--namely a rape or incest victim.  And most incest victims have been raped.  Repeatedly.  Let's be sure to traumatize them further, with a sonogram, and require them to watch it.  Let's have a doctor detail everything out for them, so they can feel even worse, because you see, we're good Christians, or not, and we know what's right for everybody. 

That's NOT what the God of my understanding means when he says love one another.  There's nothing loving in forcing our solution, on someone else.  Love is giving someone else the choice to choose what is right for them.  Maybe not what's right for you, but them.  Anything else is control.  Trying to control someone else is not loving, I don't care what excuses you use. And, no, none of us know what's right for someone else.  And if you think you do, go look up the word arrogance and see if your picture is there.

In my world, no one has the right to tell anyone else what they can or cannot do with their own body.  Shoulds and oughts are nothing more than someone else's opinion.  Just like this one is mine.  Worth exactly what you paid for it. Nothing.

And that's just how I see it.

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