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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hunting continues...

There are two fully feathered, uncleaned, or even breasted, doves lying in a zip lock in my refrig that I almost mistook for something else at lunchtime.  Egads, Harris...come home and pluck these little lovelies and put them in the freezer with the rest.  You almost gave me a heart attack when I saw the little feet on those two.  Sis is a totally different story--she wants me to open the zip lock and let her sniff and chew around on them.  Siiick

And speaking of chewing around, old Sis was the lucky recipient of my steak bone the other night and chewed that bone clean as a whistle.  Once it was clean, she brought it in through her doggie door to chew on the rug.  And, in her bed.  I guess that's sort of like room service for dogs.  No wonder she hasn't wanted to get out of bed much.  It must smell like steak to her.  You know your dog is just totally rotten spoiled when 1) you leave the bone in a bag for her BF to give to her when he gets home 2) he takes a clean towel outside for her to sit her royal bum on, while she chews  3) you let her bring the bone in the house, post chew.  It must be great being one of our dogs.    

Happy weekend to all!

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