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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Part of me wants to pack provisions and drive to Ikea and the other part of me would rather eat a worm.  Egads, why does it have to be in Frisco?  That's right before Oklahoma.  I've been once before, right after it opened and a bigger sea of people I have never encountered.  You could barely navigate the store.  Why exactly do I want to go?  I don't know.  I just dooooo.  I may do it on a week day so as the avoid all the people. 

A friend of mine went on Christmas Eve afternoon with her son who was in town.  She's re-doing her home and needed his input, so they spent several hours practically alone at Ikea, shopping, eating meatballs, and having a blast.  Maybe that's why I want to go. But I'd need her son.  He's Mr. Decor and puts things together like those guys on TV.  He can just look around and gather...and it all works.  People that can do that instantly become my God of Interior Design. 

And speaking of personal design, look who has taken to dressing herself?  Yeah, her personal style is evolving but who cares what she looks like as long as she thinks it's mahhhvelous, and clearly she does.  Avery even diapers herself and her mom says it's usually hanging on by a thread, and eventually falls completely off.  Potty training is in the works but when you've just turned two, sometimes there are just more important things for a gal to focus your phone, sparkly shoes, and socks with those shoes.  And of course, your shades.  Very Hollywood.

Lastly, this is your reminder to tune into Downton Abbey Sunday night at 8 PM, on PBS (13).  There are shots from the filming in the new Town & Country mag and an article on the real Eighth Earl of Carnarvon and Lady Carnavon and shots of Highclere, that masquerades in the show as Downton.  The Earl and Lady C are the current residents of Highclere and part of the reason they rented the house out for the filming was financial.  The projected repair bill for Highclere is around 12 million pounds (gasp) due to it's age. Some 50 of it's 200 rooms are uninhabitable-- leaks, mold, etc.  The good news?  They are set to welcome the cast back  for a third season, so we're good for another year, at least.

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