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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I ran by mom's the other afternoon knowing I wouldn't see her since she was at the hair saloon.  I had some things to drop off and wanted her to have them ASAP.  As I rounded the corner into Mom's room, there sat a little lady with her back to me, watching TV--Mom's TV--in Mom's room.  While ordinarily this would be weird, on mom's unit, it"s becoming more and more the norm.  I never know who I'm going to run into in mom's room anymore.  The lady is just a hoot.  She is the mom of a gal I know and is the resident "newbie" on the unit.  This wig wearing little lady is the happiest person over there.  Her tag line for everything is "Isn't this FUN??!!!" said with such childlike enthusiasm and glee, you can't help but chuckle.  Smack dab in front of that TV, she was happy as a pig in mud watching Mutiny on the Bounty, with Marlon Brando.  She'd grabbed one of mom's little side chairs and was so close to that TV, she could have reached out and touched Marlon, if she'd she wanted.  After hanging up mom's gear, I tippy- toed out, and left her to her movie.  Still makes me smile thinking about it.

Pinterest.  I'd seen it online before and decided to investigate it further, thinking it could be a great to organize my pictures of house details I love, and other design details.  So, I clicked the "send me an invitation to join" button. invitation.  No sooner had I clicked it than an email arrived telling better sit down for this part...that I was on the waiting list and they'd be back with me soon--to get me started pining.  Oh, my...rather chi chi, no?  I sat here and laughed so hard my coffee got cold.  A waiting list to pin pictures? Sure, I'm buying that.  Sounds like they are a little behind in their cyber set up and what a great con to perpetrate on people that they have to 1) be invited  2) that they are so poop-u-lar that they have a waiting list.  Makes it ever so exclusive and you know how people are when they think something is by invitation only.  Amps up the cool quotient to the tenth power.  Ohhhh, so 5th grade.  I'll let you know if I make the cut.  The screening process may be really sticky.

Lastly, Sis has her tail in a knot this morning.  It seems the hunters did decide to go to the Ranch and proceeded to load the car, eat breakfast, and then leave--without her.  Once they left, she flew back to our room, whining and tattle-taling that they'd been mean to her and left her here.  She's now sitting in her bed looking out at the driveway, praying they just went to get gas, and are coming back for her.  Bad news, Sis.  Some days you just can't win.

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