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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everyday miracles--big and small

I just had coffee with an old friend and her new BF.  To say that he is delightful is an understatement. To say that she is deserving of someone as neat, is another understatement.  I find that so interesting.  She has been through Hell and half of Georgia, and had I known what all she would face in her life, I think I'd have gotten back in bed, pulled the sheets over my head, and never come back out again.  Even though it's not me, just experiencing it all with her along the way,  gives me reason to believe in miracles and the fact that you just never know what's in THE BIG PLAN for your life.  To see her happy is just a thrill for me.

Way back when, if miracles happened for me, I didn't always notice them.  I only figured a miracle was a miracle if it was a HUGE one, accompanied by crashing cymbals.  Today I'm more tuned in to the big and the small ones.  The small ones are just so much fun and so subtle.  You really have to be paying attention to notice them, and when you do, they are so smile worthy.  The big ones are fun, no doubt, but the small ones are every bit as meaningful to me.  I like anything that makes me stay "tuned in" and aware, with my focus on the here and now.

While chatting, I heard several miracles as she talked--things that a few times gave me chills.  Good chills.  The kind that remind you that there is a power greater than just us human beings in charge, and that he/she has got us and our backs.  This power only wants the very best for us--even when the going looks like anything but that.  Sometimes you have to walk on through a pretty dark tunnel to come out the other side into the sunlight, and a breath taking view.  The view was the miracle gift all along--you just couldn't see it from all the mud, darkness, and overgrowth outside the tunnel. The choice was to walk on, or turn back.

Miracles.  Are you watching for yours???  Are you walking on or turning back?

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