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Monday, January 9, 2012

Trendy tree fort?

Days like today are so delicious.  It's rainy, and all I want to do is crawl up in a comfy chair, Nook in hand and read until I can't any longer.  It's a homemade soup kind of day.  And a nap day.  A wrap up in a quilt or throw, kind of day and just drink hot tea and let the world do it's own thing alone.  Never mind I won't be doing any of these things--it sure is fun to think about, though.  Sis will be napping all day, so at least that's one of us.  The Vet couldn't find anything wrong when he punched around on her back, which essentially means nothing, so she's all whacked out in her bed on a doggie pain killer that I wrap in a little bite of cheese.  Since I was feeling sorry for her, I washed her bed fluffies and took one straight out of the dryer, and laid it right on top of her.  I swear I think I heard her groan.

I think we may have partially solved the why is mom still falling out of the bed riddle.  She's trying to get out of bed by herself.  Since she can't walk--a fact I think she perhaps forgets--she's meeting the floor on a fairly regular basis, even with the half bed rails.  Mystery solved, at least for now anyway.

Fred had a really important mystery himself yesterday.  It seems that after he dragged umpteen leaf bags to the front for the big pick up, several hours later, all but three were gone.  Hmmmm.  I sat down at the computer and within a few minutes here were three little boys out front dragging the last three bags across the street over to the Emperor's, on the side street, for their Christmas tree fort.  When it stops raining I'll go shoot a pic since this is the first fort I've ever seen where they have the trees standing up, instead of on their sides.  Perhaps this is a new trend in tree forts.  I may have to google that.

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