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Monday, January 16, 2012

Last night I had to get my TV watching organized.  Luckily, you could see most of the dresses at the Golden Globes (big woo) as they came up the red carpet.  I think the worlds worst job has to be making small talk with people who don't want to talk to you and asking "who are you wearing?"  Why not just have someone follow behind each gal or guy with a sign, and cut out all the small talk?  No dumb questions, no tongue tied answers, and we're done.  The person I do want the camera to follow and stay on is the head set wearing, keep 'um moving woman, who has to orchestrate all of the women and their "stop, pose, now haul ass your moments over".  You got to see her briefly in a blue dress last night, waving her arms, and she's like an air traffic controller.  I want to see her give 'um the hook and from what I saw of her arm movements, delicate she's not. 

In order to see Downton Abbey, the Good Wife got the hook completely.  Oh, well.  I figure I have all summer to see re-runs of it and DA is always going to take first place in my TV watching.  Last night's DA did not disappoint and all I'm sayin' is Matthew's mother needs to get a grip.  Back off, lady.  After DA was over, I channel surfed, since after it, everything else is small potatoes.

Tonight I have a date to see my ex-sister-in-law at her new place and to see Jack dog, my niece's Wigman clone, that she's baby sitting.  Long story--I'll fill you in later-- but suffice it to say it's just one more reason to hate American Airlines and their dog rules.  Like you really need another reason to hate American Airlines.  Tick...tick...tick...this day is just not going fast enough to suit me.  I can't wait to see them both.  I plan to totally hog Jack the entire time I'm there.  :)

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