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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just make one!

The latest news on the liver transplant front is all good.  In ICU, recovering status quo.  A new life for a young woman who desperately needed help and got it from a family who must be grieving for their loss but thrilled for hers.  And life goes on.

The news for my friend with Lymphoma is they have a diagnosis of her lymphoma type, and a treatment plan in place.  Hers should respond to radiation so she's in my prayers as well.  Egads, didn't 2012 get off to a shocking start? 

On another topic, have you ever made a Goals, Dreams, Vision, "Who I am", collage?  If you haven't, it's the most interesting thing in the world to do for yourself.  All you need is a stack of magazines to tear out pictures that speak to you.  It can be words, titles, comments, anything that grabs you.  Don't filter anything and don't try to talk yourself out of anything that makes your heart sing or speaks to you because you think it's silly.  Just tear the damn thing out.  Assemble in a pile and grab your glue stick, scissors, and a poster board, and start attaching.  Let your inner first grader take over.  I go through my pile sometimes and see if I still feel attached to each piece I've torn out, before I place them.  Sometimes I like to do this over two days and see what pictures I add on day 2.  Once I've got my stack, on they go.  Sometimes what I thought grabbed me at first blush, doesn't quite do it for me when I get to the sticking part and that's OK as long as there's no "judgement" attached to why it's no longer making the cut.  Sometimes it's just a general "Nah".  But if it's a "That's stupid", on it goes.  Anything I'm judging has something to tell me. 

When you are finished, put it aside for a few days and go on about your business.  Then when you are ready, pull it out and place it on a chair, sitting it up, and see what it has to tell you about yourself, who you are, and what you really want.  You can do this to see what you really are most interested in vs what you may be doing now.  It's also an interesting way to see yourself change.  Your taste, your thoughts, and where you place your importance today vs a few years ago.  Yes, it feels a little artificial for about 4 seconds and after that, it's a total blast.  Cut loose...have fun...and see what you find out. 

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