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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vital Needs

In a group of gals I meet with regularly, we are looking at our Vital Needs and learning more about ourselves. According to the sheets I was given, all of us are born with seven vital needs and these never change.  My group is to read through all of the information, and then find our own basic seven.  If you have more than seven, that's OK.  We are then to rank them from highest priority to lowest and if you have more than seven, take the first seven, as those are your highest needs.  Then we are to give two examples of how we get those needs met every day.  The gist of the thing is this:  people who routinely get their vital needs met are less angry, frustrated, sad, and stressed out.  Those that don't are not a lot of fun to be around on a regular basis.  All of us can have a bad day--it's the energy drain people that need to make some changes for their own well being--never mind the rest of the world.

I remember the first time I did this was close to ten years ago, and the list of 25 vital needs to choose from felt over whelming.  I had a really hard time whittling down my list.  Shoot...I felt like all 25 were pretty vital to me.  This time is so different.  Last night, I came up with seven right off the bat--went back and removed one after re-reading it's description --and then marked two that could be "possibilities".  I just now made the decision as to the final one.  Doing illuminating work like this is fun to me.  I always walk away with some "nugget" I didn't have before I started.  Since I can get gritchy and out of sorts just like everybody else, it's always helpful for me to figure out what I really need vs what I'm actually thinking I need.  Sometimes I'm on it, sometimes I'm 50+ yards wide of the mark.  It should be interesting to see what I find out this time. 

And now for the Farm update from Cowboy John:  it seems the tank by the house is now full to the brim and almost overflowing, after the recent rain.  I'm sure that is great news to any remaining live fish in it, assuming there are any.  The bad news is, the dock is underwater.  Considering we just re-did the dock a little over a year ago, let's hope it surfaces soon since warped wood is not a good thing--even when it's previously been pressure treated.  Work continues on the gate (solar panel has a glitch), and since John and his roping buddies plan to use the paddock area by the barn soon for roping, he will be plowing up and turning the rock hard ground to make it nice and soft, and kill all the weeds.  Ooooo, I can hardly wait!  Add to that some baby calves and I'm in heaven!

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