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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Ok, Ok....maybe it IS my fault.  This afternoon was so beautiful that I threw open the den doors and a few windows.  I tossed Sis's bed outside with her pillows to air out, while I washed her doggie linens.  Everything should have been fine except we decided to make a Petco run, and I mentioned to Sis that she could "go".  With that, she took off flying and thinking the the screen door was still open like it had been a few minutes earlier, she never even slowed down.  Yep.  Therein lies the problem.  The bottom of the screen door released for the black torpedo of a dog that hit it, but the top, not encountering the same force, did not.  Hence we have a whacked out screen door and one a very mad male around here.  Sis and I are fine about it....we know accidents happen.  Him?  Not so much......unless they happen to him and then it's a totally different story. 

Below is a pic of today's birthday girl wearing her new wrap bracelet and I think maybe, a little lip gloss from her little girls make up thing we gave her.  Not sure.  I can't tell because she's always beee-u-ti-ful to me!

Tonight I'm making a frittata in my new pans I got for Christmas.  They are the coolest little things and I simply cannot wait to see how they actually do what they do.  I love the thought of hooking them together and then flipping them over.  Besides eggs, it's going to have apple wood smoked grated Gruyere, green onions, ham, parsley, salt and pepper and maybe some diced sun dried tomatoes, if I have any.  If not, I'll just drop back and punt.  I'm sure not going to the store just for that. 

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